Photography is for the Birds

April 17, 2012  |  Animals

This top 10 picture list was inspired by this list, Top 10 Birds That Could Kick Your Ass! While our feathered friend, the seagull, made that list, this bird also appears numerous times in the photographs below. I don’t know the photographer’s name, but I appreciate his courage. You can find more pictures at the photographer’s livejournal page, virako4a. Even though the photography is crisp, the idea is what captures my imagination and let’s it…um…take flight. The birds are captured in a still-life moment, both flying and suspended in time at the same time. Different birds make for interesting subject matter and even though I don’t know the names they are beautiful in their own right, whether small or large, bright colored or dark colored. You have to love the creative mind that can go to the park for a day and come back with a portfolio of avian images that are dramatic and beautiful. Even the mundane becomes startling in the right mind’s eye.

Bird Photograph – Eating from Photographer’s Hand

Bird Soars in for a Closer Look Picture

Many Seagulls Swarm Looking for a Free Meal Photo

Colorful Bird Swoops in For Bread Photograph

Birds in Photograph Looking for Free Handout

Bird Talons Take Bread Picture

Seagull Takes Bread from Photographers Fingers Photo

Nice Picture of Seagull Coming in to Eat

This Swan Wants a Free Meal Too Photograph

Getting a Mid-Air Bread Snack from Photographer

Wonderful photographs of animals and humans interacting without violence, just good-natured begging and panhandling. I really admire these pictures and look forward to seeing more from this talented photographer.

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