Stereographic Drawings – Dain Fagerholm

March 29, 2012  |  Art, Bizarre

Sometimes you just stumble across something that is so odd and peculiar that you must, nay, you are compelled to share it with the world. That is how I felt when I saw these strange, yet, adorable illustrations by Dain Fagerholm. These drawings give the impression that they are in 3D with subtle movements back and forth. You wouldn’t think such energy could be found in these animated gifs with such a small movement and you might be right if these characters (creatures) weren’t so wonderful. You can imagine a story being told about each creature that appears to be coming off the computer screen. Much like the cinemagraphs we showed you, these pictures can be admired for quite some time (Internet time) and leave you thoughtful for a bit longer.

Daydreamer – Stereographic Drawing

Creature Holding Diamond – Stereographic Drawing

Creature with Diamond Over Head  – Stereographic Drawing

Seven-headed Hydra Monster  – Stereographic Drawing

 Best Friends  – Stereographic Drawing

 Exploring New Planets  – Stereographic Drawing

 Blue Girl in Blue Room  – Stereographic Drawing

 Watching the Gem  – Stereographic Drawing

Four Creatures in a Room  – Stereographic Drawing

Creature in the Watchtower  – Stereographic Drawing

Want to see some more unusual art, then head over to and see some unbelievable Nanoscale art. Size does matter!


  1. Thank you and Mr. Fagerholm – these are thought inspiring!

  2. I am totally floored. Thank You.

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