Top 10 Barbie Dolls in Pictures

March 1, 2012  |  Pop Culture

Big things come in small packages and that not only includes Barbie dolls but also controversy. Barbie has as many controversial issue surrounding her as she does sequined dresses. But that hasn’t slowed our 12-inch fashionista one bit, nor has having a family, friends and mansions. Barbie has stood the test of time and come through it all looking fabulous. This girl’s doll as seen it all and experienced more than most people. A stay-at-home mom, a career girl, a cowgirl, a singing superstar and dozens of other iterations make Barbie the doll of a thousand faces and personalities. Here are the top 10 Barbie doll pictures depicting some of the Barbie doll line of dolls we felt were the most interesting Barbie doll makers had to offer.

Midge Hadley – Pregnant Barbie


India Barbie


Ballerina Barbie – Cara


Golden Dreams Barbie


Black Ken Barbie (1981)



Superstar Barbie


Christie – Barbie Black Friend


Western Barbie


Day to Night Barbie


The Original Barbie Doll


While Barbie and her other friends look good in these doll pictures, you can learn more about the Top 10 Barbie Dolls at

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