Top 10 Bioluminescent, Glowing Animal & Organism Pictures

March 24, 2012  |  Animals, Nature

When anything is rare in nature we tend to have a little more awe involved in our emotions. What bigger miracle is there than the birth of a new life, but it happens so frequently we take it for granted. But creatures, organisms and animals that glow? Well, that is something to take notice of. Bioluminescent creatures make us oooh and ahhh because the fact that an organism can produce its own glowing light is fairly rare and especially cool to see. Believe it or not there are many more things on this earth than the firefly who create a glow we can appreciated. Here are some of the best pictures of Bioluminescent organisms you will find on the Internet.

Glowing Scorpion Photograph

Glowing Jellyfish


Bioluminescent Jellyfish Picture


Jellyfish Bioluminescence Photographed


Glowing, Bioluminescent Bacteria


Bioluminescent Bacteria Photo


Bioluminescent Dinoflagellates Photograph


Bioluminescent, Glowing Firefly Pictured


Glow Worms, Bioluminescent Caves of Waitomo


Photo of Glowing Waitomo Caves, New Zealand


Bioluminescent, Glowing Firefly Squid Photo


Scientifically Created Bioluminiescent Animals


Bioluminescence Glowing Fungus (mushrooms)


Are you interested in finding out more about these amazing bioluminescent creatures and organisms, then float on over to


  1. The cat. The glowing cat. Come to me, glowing cat.

  2. Interesting subject matter, to be sure, but I take strong exception to your abuse of the word ‘miracle’ in the second sentence. Since, by any reasonable definition, a miracle is ‘an event against the order of nature’, nothing described on this page is miraculous in any way. Put another way, reproduction and bioluminescence are both well understood natural phenomena, and are therefore in no way miraculous.

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