Top 10 Creative Gingerbread Houses in Pictures

November 23, 2012  |  Art, Food

There are a few things that pop up every year around the holiday or more specifically, Christmas. Besides Christmas trees, poinsettias, Christmas lights and egg nog, you’ll also find people using gingerbread as a building material, specifically for building gingerbread houses. And that is fine and good and you’ll find a few simple, yet creative gingerbread houses here, but we hope that we have also included some more unique gingerbread designs that you haven’t seen before such as a gingerbread church, a gingerbread Taj Mahal, a gingerbread treehouse or even a gingerbread home being attacked by zombies. And just for good measure we have also included a ginger bread robot, so scroll away and feel your creative juices get flowing and then head to the kitchen for your masterpiece of gingerbread┬áconstruction. ┬áSend us your gingerbread house pictures so we can add them to this delicious post.

Gingerbread Townhomes All Snowy White

A Haunted Gingerbread House?


A Gingerbread Mansion Fit for a Gingerbread King


Climb This Gingerbread Treehouse for Fun

Gingerbread Treehouse

Come and Visit the Gingerbread Taj Mahal Home

Gingerbread Taj Mahal House

Raggedy Ann Visits This Beautiful Gingerbread House


A Creative Spin on the Gingerbread House, A Gingerbread Pagoda


Zombies Love Gingerbread Houses and Gingerbread Men

Gingerbread House Zombie Attack

Gingerbread House Decorated with Christmas Lights

Gingerbread House with Christmas Lights

Gingerbread Church for Those Gingerbread Cookies Who Like to Worship

Gingerbread Cathedral Church

Not a Bad Gingerbread House, Candy Cane Columns Are a Nice Touch


As Promised, A Gingerbread Robot

Gingerbread Robot

Looking to find more unique and cool looking gingerbread houses? Try our partner site which top 10 lists,

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  1. Enjoyed gingerbread taj mahal.

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