Top 10 International City Skylines in Pictures

March 9, 2012  |  Travel

The Best City Skylines in the World

There is something quite magical about a city skyline. A beauty that is all man-made in an effort to reach the sky, the stars and and may say the heavens itself. While this may seem folly to many it has produced some of the most striking visuals on the face of the planet. So many cities have a skyline pictures worthy of mention, there can only be ten pictures in any top 10 list and whether you agree with our city skyline choices across the board, you must admit that these urban images are truly works of art by the architects and engineers that designed them and the construction workers that built these masterpieces. Behold the works of man and marvel at these wondrous city skylines.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia City Skyline


Seattle City Skyline


Toronto, Canada City Skyline Picture


Tokyo, Japan City Skyline Picture


Singapore City Skyline Picture


Shanghai, China City Skyline Picture


Shenzhen, China City Skyline


Chicago City Skyline


Hong Kong City Skyline


New York City Skyline


You can see more fantastic pictures and read more about these top 10 skylines at the leading top 10 list site,

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