Top 10 Photographs of Animals Fighting Animals

November 21, 2012  |  Animals, Nature

While it may seem that humans are the most violent animal on the planet, and we probably are, there is no shortage of animosity and violence in the animal kingdom. In fact, Mother Nature is Don King of the animal kingdom, promoting animals fights daily and death matches between species nightly. Some of the better photos of animals fighting animals can be found on this page. Possibly these aren’t the top 10 best photographs of animals fighting each other, but you would be hard pressed to find a better collection of animals attacking, fighting and trying to eat each other on the Web. If you do find some additional photos of animals fighting please let us know in the comments. Until then take a gander at these pictures of birds (hawks, eagles, sparrows), squirrels, rabbits, foxes, wolves, lions, tigers and bears, oh my, fighting each other, biting each other and clawing for their very lives.

Vulture Fights Off Coyote for Food

Vulture Fights Off a Wolf for Food

Bear vs. Tiger: Who Wants It More?

Bear Fighting a Tiger Photo

Zebra Fights Off Lion for Its Life

Zebra Kicking a Lion in a Fight

Wolf Fights Bear for Food

Wolf Fights Bear for Kill

Buzzard and Wolf Go Head to Head

Wolf Fights Vulture

Two Squirrels Fight Each Other…to the Death or for Some Nuts

Two Squirrels Fight to the Death

Rabbit vs. Rabbit: Winner Take All (the carrots)

Rabbits Battles Rabbit in Grass Field

Crocodile Fights Lion in the River

Lion Attacks Crocodile in River

The Birds Are Not of a Feather: Hawk Fights Hawk

Two Birds Fight for Air Space

Fox Runs Rather Than Fight a Hawk

Eagle Runs Rather Than Fight Hawk

Birds Fight Each Other for Food

Okay, we included eleven photos of animals battling each other, but sometimes you just can’t narrow the photos down to 10. but if you do want to see more photos and find out the back story on some of the more vicious animal attacks in photography, try visiting our sister site,


  1. i thought it was really great to look at

  2. Great photos

  3. glad none were too bloody. Loved the squirrels & rabbits

  4. Man who ever identified these animals and birds needs to go back to school, the first photo is a vulture and a jackal,the fifth is a vulture and a jackal again, the 7th photo is European hares fighting.The ninth photo is a fight between 2 eagles and the 10th photo is a fox running from a golden eagle.And guess what, there is 11 photos here.

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