Pictures of Batman’s Worst Villains

March 10, 2012  |  Comics

The Dark Knight or Batman to old-school comic guys has always had a great collection of villains and super-villains to rival any comic book hero. But even Batman has had to put up with some real morons, idiots, psychotics and, well, losers. This group of pictures depicts the worst batman villains that Batman has ever had the chagrin, if not outright embarrassment to share the same pages of his many comic books. If you are into Batman, let us know which villains we missed and why. If you aren’t a big fan then we hope these horrible Batman villain pictures at least gave you a laugh, much like Batman.

Humpty Dumpty


Killer Moth




Ten-Eyed Man








Crazy Quilt


Kite Man


Calendar Man


Pictures of the worst Batman villains got you wanting to find out their origins and first appearances with Batman? What to know more about Batman’s Top 10 Worst Villains, then take the Batcopter over to


  1. The Penguin?! Good sir, no. That is simply wrong. This goes beyond personal opinion. It is a mere fact. The Penguin, while not amongst Batman’s best of the rogue’s gallery, has become a brilliantly tragic and fleshed-out character in the comics, one you can almost sympathize with despite his villainy. Obviously, you have not read Penguin: Pain and Prejudice! Read that and you will know, without a doubt, that The Penguin deserves far more than to be on this list!

    • I agree completely. Penguin deserves better. Heck, this picture even makes him look suave and cool. Additionally, Firefly was never stupid, and in fact was the cool version of Killer Moth. And Calendar Man, while stupid in his heyday of the Silver Age, was made cool in Jeph Loeb’s The Long Halloween. This list, while it contains some genuinely idiotic characters, should be trimmed so as not to include characters who aren’t.

      P.S. Batzarro was created with the intention of being stupid- It’s the reason for his existence.

  2. Why is the Penguin on this list? Sure he may not measure up physically (pun intended), but what he lacks in height and muscle, he makes up for in his ability to organize crime. Even when Bruce Wayne is not using his alter ego, Oswald Cobblepot is rivaling him in the business world. The Penguin should not be taken lightly. I would also argue that Calender Man being on this list is debatable. But Penguin should definitely not be here.

  3. The Penguin? One of the most iconic, tragic, and dangerous Batman villains? I don’t think he belongs on this list.

  4. penguin shouldnt be on here but neither should the firefly

  5. LOL! KiteMan? CalendarMan? I thot I knew all of Batman’s enemies, but I guess not. Really though?

    CalendarMan: Alright Batman let’s see you continue life on without your Mondays!! *Evil Laugh*

    Batman: ….uhh okay, I can live with that.

    CalendarMan: Wait wat? Your not in dismay? I mean I’ve done the impossible. There are only 6 days in a week now because of me. You’ll have to defeat me if you want it to go back to normal.

    Batman: uh nope I’m pretty cool. I think I see the Batman signal. Excuse me, I think that’s the Joker on the loose A REAL VILLAIN.

    • I highly recommend you read Batman: The Long Halloween then. You’ll get to see why Calender Man shouldn’t be on this list either.

  6. Wow, most of these villains are about as bad as this list. Where are Hush and the Dollmaker? I get that a bunch of silver age villains were not updated to fit modern times and they look silly now (just as the Riddler or Catwoman would without their revisions), so yeah, it’s possible to make fun of them; however, Humpty Dumpty is not really meant as a villain, he’s just an interesting character from Arkham. The Penguin obviously doesn’t belong here. He’s a great character, very poetic, his physical shortcomings are as great as his intellect and abilities and a reflection of his true corruption.

  7. There are so many bad guys to chose from instead of The Penguin. Like Condiment Man, Kite Man, Egghead, Polka-Dot Man, The Eraser, Calculator…I got a whole lot more that are worse than Penguin.

  8. Firefly is actually pretty cool. He got scarred in his own fire, because he’s practically suicidal-psycho, and then became a pyromaniac murderer. His costume may not be the best, but he’s still pretty cool.

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